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    Advanced flash cards OFLAMERON for effective learning foreign words. You will receive a benefit in learning foreign languages. With these flash cards words are remembered better. This new technology memorizing foreign words.
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    3. Another type of flash card OFLAMERON - similar to easy crossword.
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    Cells of the same color - one foreign word. Written in the table the translation of foreign words. But the student does not know the length of the foreign word and its position in the table. Cells in which words intersect, can have any color.
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    Flash card
    Flash card
    For example, some crosswords filled with answers. This is a very complex flash cards for logical training. You can easily change the difficulty of the lessons. Use more foreign words or use simple phrases. You can make the lessons easier to print on a flash card some of the letters.
    German, French, Spanish flash card images. Direct link PDF and DOCX
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    4. This type of flash card is very interesting. For some foreign words can be made many different flash cards. You can make flash cards for phrases if the students have experience. Here flash card strip with the word foreign, which rearranged fragments (blocks of letters).
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    Each file contains the user, the image of the tape and an example.
    Flash card
    The tape OFLAMERON (flash card) contains a foreign word or phrase, in which the rearranged fragments.
    Flash card
    The student knows the translation of foreign words or phrases. The student should be properly cut (or tear) the tape and make a foreign word or phrase and name translations.
    Flash card
    Such lessons are much more interesting than just memorizing words with flash cards. Students need to solve logic problems. Difficulty easy to adjust - use longer phrases or more foreign words.
    These flash cards you can use freely for learning foreign languages. Technology cards OFLAMERON copiright protected.
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